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Family Living/Life Sharing

The Family Living/Life Sharing Program offers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to live in the home of an unrelated adult.  This program was established by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare on the premise that enduring and permanent relationships are crucial to a person's growth, development and overall quality of life.  An important goal of the program is to promote community participation in the daily life of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

What type of families become involved?

  • Single persons who wish to live with another person for companionship.
  • Single parents who wish to expand their family and extend this invitation to a person with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Traditional nuclear families that want to welcome additional members.
  • Multi-generational families that enjoy being part of a large active household where each member has unique contributions and needs.

Families who have the capacity to welcome another family member and who offer a stable and warm environment are ideal candidates for the Family Living/Life Sharing Program.

For more information on our Family Living/Life Sharing Program, please call 412-299-7777.