Zapp Visits the Science Center

The Computers Class at Edward J. Zapp Program Center at NHS Allegheny Valley School ventured through the universe at the Carnegie Science Center Buhl Planetarium with a star-studded show called THE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE. They were fascinated as they took a journey through the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. After the show and touring several exhibits, they enjoyed a pizza lunch funded by a grant from the Walter F. and Ellen H. Nicoden Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation. Prior to the visit, the individuals used their Communication Technology skills during educational computers classes, exploring the universe from the world's largest astronomical observatory in Mauna Kea, Hawaii which is operated by astronomers from eleven countries. The class also used their computer knowledge to search and watch animated musical videos to learn about the planets. They even utilized the internet to choose which exhibits to visit at the Science Center.

“The Cosmos (at the planetarium) was my favorite,” commented Kregg, an individual at Zapp Program Center. “It was awesome! And how about that pizza? On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 10! We could go back again next year!”