Visit from Local Fire Department

In early November, members of the Slippery Rock Volunteer Fire Department visited the Slippery Rock Program Center (SRPC) at NHS Allegheny Valley School to discuss fire safety with the clients and staff members. Volunteers arrived in a fire truck and dressed in their protective gear. Everyone got to touch the protective gear while each piece was described. The firefighters explained that although the gear may look a bit scary, it helps to keep people safe during a fire. They also reminded everyone that if a firefighter ever calls out to you during a fire, you should always respond, and that you should call 911 for an emergency, such as a fire. The firefighters asked the clients to show them where the exits and escape routes are located at SRPC.

The visit wrapped-up with an interactive experience exploring the fire truck, hose, ladder and other equipment. Attendees looked through the Thermal Imaging Camera to see how it shows the firefighters where heat sources are located. The firefighters demonstrated how they hook the hose from the truck to a fire hydrant to get water. Everyone enjoyed meeting the firefighters, learning about fire safety, and interacting with all the equipment!